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Hey, We’re JUX.

Currently in stealth, we’re building a code-based design tool so designers can design the actual, real product as it will be used in production.

The lack of the right tool that enables designers to design the front of the front end is the source of the problem. When even designing a simple button involves multiple tools and systems, it's clear that the current state of software design tools needs a major overhaul.

It's time for a change.

Even though the fact that tools have replaced one another - the process stays the same, and so as our problems. We’re not proud with our designs in production since what’s published isn’t as precise as it could be, after countless time-consuming, painful iterations. We should see our screen in action - While we design, and NOT after implementation.

And it’s not our fault. We’re simply not using the right tool.

And engineers? They shouldn’t spend time recreating each design from scratch, resulting in unmaintained or messy generic code. They should deal with business logic. With efficiency. With quality.In the new world we're building, - a designer affects code directly, collaborates with developers using the same language, as it always should have been.

Stay up-to-date, today. Affect code directly while designing, tomorrow.

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We built a code-based design tool so designers can design the actual product.